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Confessions and More Garden Tools

I dream about my children falling into alligator infested canals and other such tragedies every week.
I take forever to finish everything- books, series, knits, jewelry, scrapbooks, etc.

 (more pitchforks, day 58– inspired by this)
I often run to 80’s and 90’s “I-take-myself- too-seriously-techno pop.”
I had “It Had to Be You” sung at my wedding, having not heard beyond the first verse.   Though that is all that was sung, and no one knows the rest anyway, I was mortified to read it later.  (This is the one that is really embarrassing- but I was, like, twenty.)

I cried during Toy Story 3.   Even my son remained dry eyed, though his friend rubbed his eyes and said some of his sour straws got in them 🙂
I like Raising Arizona better than Schindler’s List.

Aaah, that’s better.  
These were inspired by this very cool photo.

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