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Picking Sides

We all want to be on a team somewhere deep down.  It’s why Facebook gets so ugly around election time, and how WWII army buddies can get together and pick up right where they left off in familiar conversation, as if the last 60 years never happened.   It’s what prompted the girls volleyball team of my high school to have mysterious rituals and chants to accompany their mysterious name (Rock A Noos?) and why so many runners like to run at public events.  Camaraderie… esprit de corps… us vs. them… belonging. 
I have fond memories of jr and high school sports, though I rolled my eyes about it at the time.  However, the closest thing to a team I’ve been on as an adult was a martial arts group.  But I found that I had to detach myself and go to class for training and sparring only.  There should have been more camaraderie, there so could have been, but it’s amazing how much petty divisiveness people with a rep for physical toughness can display.  Besides, I work well alone.  I am deserted island material.
So, joining a co-ed soccer league with my husband was a little scary for me.   Not so much because I don’t know many of the rules or techniques of the game, though it should have been, but more because I didn’t want drama or to make my team lose.  Not only that, I was ending a 5 month break from running and not sure I could hang with all the sprinting in totally flat shoes.   
But It’s fun.  I get nervous, but once I’m winded fifteen minutes into the game, a sort of determined grit takes over and I just do my best.  Did I just use the term grit?  Ughh.  Anyway, we’re not first division, and though I can’t kick far, I can pass okay, and am pretty fast.  I basically just get on someone and try to get the ball, a lot like basketball, then pass it off asap.  No fancy moves here.  But it is fun and as one guy pointed out yesterday, I am burning those calories.  Double ughh.  
But, hey, I get to do it with my husband, who kindly directs me when I have a lost look on my face, and sometimes, on the way home, he buys me a vanilla cream snow cone.

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  1. Awww! I think this is so sweet to play on a team with your husband. And you can eat that vanilla ice cream without worrying a whit about calories! 🙂

    I have found camaraderie with other women can be a challenge. But maybe it's just me…

  2. I think you're right, Gail. But, sports minded people (I'm talking sports for fun, not pro wannabes)are usually no- nonsense. As long as I don't do anything to crazy, all should be well. The martial arts experience was a fluke, I think.

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