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Latest Blog Posts:

  • Every Non-Rolling Edge for Stockinette That I Know
    Come relive the traumatic days of my quest to find a no-roll edge for this stockinette top knit in Lindy Chain yarn (a cotton/linen blend). I know for a fact that all of these techniques DO work, depending on your fiber, and have worked for me in the past. My unusually annoying predicament with this sweater just gave me an excuse to try each one out… again. Let’s get to it
  • Simply Extra | Episode 78
    So much extra in Simply Extra | Episode 78. There’s extra mohair, extra stash-busting, extra silliness, and extra progress on my Tobago Bag! Plus a little self-reflection: mine and yours.
  • Casting On for the Simply Irresistible Sock KAL
    I did something. Two things. I cast on for the sock knit-along I’m hosting with Christie Archer of Christie Archer Designs on YouTube and I did it in a live stream. I know, who am I? I struggled to post a reel for like thirty minutes, but this? THIS was really easy. Find out how these socks are different and who they work best for.
  • Trauma Trigger Knits | Episode 77
    You give me the scoop on your most traumatic knits and I show how mine has a happy ending… sort of. I also talk about Making Stories Issue 10, Toni Lipsey’s Tobago bag and my finished sock palate cleanser.
  • Summer Knits You Want to Set on Fire | Episode 76
    Yes my summer sweater became a Cursed Summer Knit and I am now in remission from Cursed Summer Knit Syndrome. Find out how to beat this illness with me in Episode 76.
  • Catharsis Over Clicks | Episode 75
    You share what good knitting and crochet content is! I do some granny square and granny stripe projects dreaming while I search for the perfect no-roll hem for my summer tee. I share Fernwood Cardigan sans pockets and your lovely youtube channels … plus some sidetracking.