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  • Episode 68: No Other Knitting Podcaster Does This
    This is where I record the eleventy billionth knitting podcast. This week: I search for my elusive niche space of authority in the knitting world and show progress on the Lately Pullover, Fernwood Cardigan, and revamped blog. Find Me: Stuff I mention:
  • Episode 67: I Did Not Make This
    I answer your questions and give the dirt on what I really wear, why my family didn’t love my knits for years, and I tell many more summer knitting lies.  Find me: My Baby Blanket Saga: All By Sandra Paul: Other Knits I’ve Worked On: Summer Knits: Knits for my kids, with variable success: My most…
  • Episode 66: Wonkiest Blanket Ever
    Today I talk about my sad little fix on the wonkiest blanket ever and we finish up the Stashbusting the New Year make-along with a couple of giveaways. We talk about some buying perspectives, share podcast links, and LOTS of one skein projects for using up stash. Episode 66 is finishing up #Stashbustingthenewyear my wonky blanket,…
  • Episode 65: A Yarn No-Buy?
    Episode 65 is all about your thoughts on stash busting and big yardage projects. I talk about yarn no-buys, why-buys, and buy-less (es)?
  • Episode 64: I Think I’ll Re-Stash. JK
    Just kidding! I couldn’t help it. So 2022, right? Let’s talk #StashbustingTheNewYear with big blanket projects for using things up, what you’re stashbusting with, your oldest & moldiest stash, how you store it, and many more scary confessions. My question for you:  What are some major yardage stashbusters, other than blankets? I’m thinking sweater coats,…