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Nachtfalter Knitalong- Week 5

As you can see, I am a few repeats behind this week, but the knitalong was extended a week so I think I’ll get it finished in time.  I have been dividing my time between this and Lady Bat.  I suppose I’m trying to finish all of the lace before we go camping, so I’ll only be packing one or two projects to take along.

Did I mention I have a helper who makes sure I don’t lose myself in my hobby?  She senses when I have found a rhythm in my work and it’s that precise moment that she also happens to need my attention.  I cave, always.  It’s nice to be wanted.

I love the way she thinks I’m making this for her to sit on.  She’ll contort her body to exactly fit on our stuff, even if it’s just a pair of socks laying on the bed.  On a completely unrelated note, I also love the way light shines through her ears.  Only cat people will get that.

She knows we’re talking about her.

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  1. Ah, I love cats! And I do totally understand how beautiful cats ears look when the light shines through.

  2. Ha! I actually retrain myself from constantly posting pet photos. They are totally becoming kid replacements as my children are away from home more or in school.

  3. I'm sure you'll make it in time. It looks nice, I love how those two colors combine. And you know, she's helping you not to get too stressed 😉

  4. Absolutely! She reminds me to take a break… often. I love these colors too, but the ladies' solid colored tops in the KAL are really great too. Can't wait to see them all finished.

  5. Too cute! I think cats are the best helpers when it comes to knitting and sewing. Mine lays on my WIP's, takes off with yarn balls, sits on my sewing machine while I'm trying to use it and, of course, trashes unattended tissue patterns. She's so friggin' cute that I just have to laugh.

  6. I've seen your cat on your blog! If I remember right, its a hairless, right? I love that they love o be where we are.

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