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A Few More Days

Don’t have much to accompany these photos- I think October fried my brain.  
When I wasn’t posing in front of a dirty window or over a dirty river, I was finishing The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, hovering over my son as he did his first solo pumpkin carving, taping and hanging Williamsburg-esque decorations to the elementary halls, re-teaching mixed numerals, meeting high school teachers, coping with migraines, re-teaching respect to authority, plugging away at a better version of this sweater, cramming the night before my Isaiah study and screeching in the parking lot at the last minute, early voting, learning Aperture, and eating all those brownies I got on sale.   
(365, Day 292)
(the Neches, 293)
(rosemary, 294)
Almost sounds like an adventure vacation doesn’t it?  But no you can’t buy this kind of excitement, you have to be me.  

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