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Happy Purple Friday

You know, like Purple Tuesdays… only not.
There is just way too much purple on my memory card these days.  It’s all due to my daughter attending a high school that is slightly akin to a cult.  Where the drama of life and death unfold on the football field.  Where season tickets are willed to family members upon death, and where “Cut me!  I bleed purple.”  is heard at least once a week during the fall.  
I wasn’t exactly “Miss School Spirit” back when I was a teenager.  I must have slept through the pep rallies because I don’t even remember them.  I never wore purple on Fridays- it didn’t even occur to me.  I was definitely in my own world.  I did, however, learn the fight song in French, which you can imagine has taken me far in life. I think I can count on one hand how many football games I attended back then.  But now I’m at most of them, squinting through glasses to find the ball.  I even know what a “down” is.  
I’m there for my girl, but I also love to people watch and it doesn’t get any better than grown men half-crying/ half-screaming in THE most southern accent you will find, “Come on D!!!”
So without further explanation or disclaimers, I present a bit of my Friday nights.  

(You can’t have Friday without Dairy Queen, day 255)


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