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Something’s Coming

Okay, I feel on the verge of something big, like I’m moving up a level toward something. And, no, it’s not the end of my second 365- though I will be so relieved when that happens.  I’m not sure exactly what, but it’s probably not the kind of thing most would find valuable. It may come as the result of hard circumstances. 

I don’t know… my greatest moments have always been the quiet kind that slip up on me.   Like mellowing or realizing I’ve finally feel forgiveness for someone or that worst fears aren’t so bad after all.  Or thinking, “I finally got it!” when I see that something I worked on has become second nature to me.  Maybe it will just be realizing I don’t need something that I thought I did. Not sure what all of this is about, but the promise of it, even if comes through a trial, is kind of exciting.

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