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Afterthoughts and Stranger Things

First up, let me show you my progress on The Continental’s Confetti and Champagna socks (Susan B. Anderson’s Smooth Operator Socks):

You can see the white waste yarn where my afterthought heels will go.  I’m hopeful this will be my new favorite sock pattern.  I have a lot of self striping yarn and it seems like the perfect heel for two-at-a-time striped socks.

Here’s a video of the halfway point:

Since I’m already trying new toe and heel techniques with this pair, I decided to go all the way with it and learn to properly cast on for two-at-a-time, using magic loop.

Why have I never googled this before?  It’s like… nothing.   I used to start one sock, get to a certain row, then start the second.  Once I reached the same point in the second sock, I’d slip one onto the same needles as the other.  It’s not completely moronic, but it’s not nearly as easy as just casting them on together.  Don’t worry, this next bit isn’t for you.  I know you already knew this.  It’s for me to refer back to.

Cast on half the stitches for the first sock from one skein, then cast on all the stitches of the other sock from the second skein:

Then, divide stitches for second sock in half, repositioning on the cord like so:

and cast on the other half of the stitches for the first sock:

Duh.  Didn’t mean to waste your time.  Don’t you love the fabric of this The Fawn & the Fox project bag?

And these colors!  I love speckled stripes!

They’re so beautiful tears may have been spilled on them, but I was watching Poldark, so can you blame me?  It makes me think of other Masterpiece Theatre programs like Downton Abbey, only it’s truly good.  Downton was like a guilty pleasure, like watching The Young and the Restless with my grandmother when I visited her.  Poldark, however, is a pleasure pleasure with good scripting and acting.  It’s also a really beautifully filmed show.

I can keep track of all of my knits with the corresponding tv show/ movie/or book I indulged in while knitting.

So, tonight, I’ll be working on my Reindeer cardigan and watching the second season of Dark Matter.  Meh to Dark Matter, not the sweater.  I rewatched the first season with my husband while finishing up Hualpa Kimono.  Except it’s not quite finished until it has fringe.  I’m just watching this show because it’s decent sci fi.  But The Expanse?  That was great sci-fi and should have another season coming out soon.  I’ve ordered the first book in the series it’s based on and hope to read the whole collection before the second season comes out.  Books always trump the movies. Always.

For Wildflowers and Honeycomb Socks, I marathoned  Stranger Things.   Stranger Things is one of the best tv shows I’ve seen in a long time.  It was so great to see something that maintains it’s goodness from start to finish of one season.  Like The Americans, Stranger Things has captured the era in which it takes place perfectly.  Unlike The Americans, ST has a resonating sense of hope throughout, even though it’s kind of dark and creepy.  I don’t feel sick at my stomach after watching it.

I love that you’re slowly discovering the truth as different characters uncover it from their own perspectives: the sic-fi angle, the horror element, and the conspiracy theory angle.  It reminds me of being in high school and watching the X-Files for the first time.  Please don’t think about the newest X-Files season in the same thought as this show.  It’s much, much better than that.

You already know about that show too, right?  Isn’t it nice to see kids that can act on tv?

Canyon was knit while I was home alone this summer and began rewatching the Gilmore Girls in anticipation of the revival season.  Has that already happened?!

For my Hydrangea Socks it was more Gilmore Girls and The Godfathers 1 and 2 at our local classic theatre.  I have to say that watching at the Jefferson Theatre make almost anything palatable.  Even Pretty Woman was fun.  That was mostly due to how all of the women who dressed up in heels and posed for empowerment selfies before the show.  But it was fun.

(more on instagram, ravelry, kollabora, and flickr)

Sorry, is it sacrilege to say that I don’t love Pretty Woman?  I like Julia Roberts, if that makes it any better for you.  And speaking of America’s favorite young actresses back in the day, didn’t Winona Ryder do a good job in Stranger Things.  When I was in my teens and twenties,  Winona was one of a handful of celebrities I couldn’t stand watching in movies.  I’m not sure why.  But after seeing one too many movies with the next gen celebrity actresses, I’m thinking, “Bring on the Winona… and the Steve Buscemi, and the John Goodman, and…”

Is it also sacrilege to say that through every one of Scarlett Johansson’s scenes in a movie, I cannot stop picturing her eyes being crossed?

Anyway, please recommend something new for me to watch in the evenings while I knit.  I was considering Homeland or True Detective, but I don’t want to watch something I wouldn’t want my son to watch while he’s at home.  I’m just assuming these shows may be that kind of series because of the networks they were on.  Any recommendations?

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