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Episode 63: Stashbusting the New Year!!

Or “I got RSI for Christmas!” Join us for #StashbustingTheNewYear thru Feb!

My personal goals for the year: gift some baby blankets, always have some No Waste Socks going, finish my stashbusting WIPs (Illuminate, Leelanau, and Ondawa), knit a super cabledy classic sweater, use my oldest SQ of stash (some Lopi for a yoke sweater) and at least one super scrappy sweater like No Limits by Lærke Bagger, and work some older patterns or ones from designers I’ve wanted to knit but never have (like This.Bird.Knits).

Find me:

My question for you: What’s your oldest, moldiest stash? Will you use it in the new year, if not- why not? and any tips for organizing stash that’s out of control? and once it’s under control?

Stuff I mention in Episode 63:

Stashbusting Plans for 2023:

Good Scrappy Project links:

Other interesting links I’ve found this month:

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