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More Cowl

I made a few Stripe Ed Cowls this month, trying different things with them.  I loved working with Louet Gems light- worsted wool on the one below.  It felt very rich to my fingers that are used to chain store sale yarn.  It was also not as hefty as the others.

 But by far, the last one I knit using Lopi in green that I have had since my first visit to a “real” yarn shop many years ago was my favorite.  It’s just so comfy and huge.  

 Links to pattern- here and to Ravelry- here and to Flickr- here.

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  1. You commented on my blog recently. Glad you found a bit of inspiration from my world. Your knitting and photography are beautiful; you are a very talented woman indeed. It's fun to be able to pursue some of the gifts God's given us as women, isn't it? Hope you get to start your own foodies group. It's been great fun for my hubby and me and our friends.

  2. Thank you, Briana. Your family life is definitely inspiring. And yes, I think a woman's creative pursuits at home, even if for just a short time each day, are pleasing to God and a good example of creative thought and enjoying simple pleasures for our children.

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