Bright and Shiny

Is that not the best description for this rainbow hat, knit in this yarn?  The pom pom was the finishing touch.  I will never almost get hit by a car while running again.  Not with this rainbow pompom bouncing around down the road.

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I made one of these Dee’s Slouch hats last year for my daughter’s friend, so I knew I liked the shape.  Since I couldn’t use the Gynx yarn for my EZ sweater, I thought I’d at least use it quickly.  So, tada…..

I used a size 3 circular for magic loop and knit as directed, except I added some length before decreasing for the top.  The off-white yarn I used to fill in the pom pom is just Wool of the Andes in Cloud.  The Gynx Yarn is the Totoro 2 color way.

I made the pom pom using two pieces of a gift wrap roller, as in this tutorial.  It was a mess.

My head will never get cold this winter.  Watch the first real cold front blow in while I’m away and hatless.  I won’t say that I’m done knitting hats, though, because I won the yarn for Woolly Mammoth in a Holla Knits giveaway.  So that will be happening very soon.

But first, I have to finish my Aidez, and would you believe I started another fingering weight sweater?

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  1. Gah! That is the most ridiculous (in a gorgeous sorta way) hat ever!! I'm always so nervous about using variated yarn that I stick to solids pretty much 99% of the time…but I think I need to just throw myself in and make something like this! 🙂

  2. that hat is way cool! I just finished a hat with pompom yesterday and I wore it all day today, on my bike to school and while drinking mulled wine. That sweater looks lovely too.

  3. Wow, another hat! Your heads will be warm this winter for sure. That colorway is lovely, and the pom pom detail makes it unique. Looking forward to seeing the progress on that new sweater!

  4. Yes! Do it! I find it difficult to use variegated for anything but accessories. I used a more subtly variegated Cascade Paints colorway for Ease, but I was walking a fine line between fun and visual chaos.
    Accessories are supposed to be fun anyway, right?

  5. Hmmm, I guess you don't have your hat on your rav page yet. There's something about a Pom Pom, isn't there? It makes me think of Charlie Brown Christmas and being a kid. But biking with a Pom Pom hat? That's the ultimate in childlike fun 🙂
    I'm very excited about the Drift's Ridge sweater. Being fingering weight, it will get much more wear than my heavier stuff. I also got a nicer quality yarn for it than usual.

  6. I know! I wore the same couple of hats for years, now I have a hat for every day of the week, plus gift hats. I still have another two or three I'd like to make with special yarn. This is my year for using single indie dyer skeins in my stash, I think.

  7. That's what I was thinking, Lea. They're Autumn colors in all of their glory and a nice contrast to our blah, brown winters. And thanks!

  8. Don't know how you do those small gauge sweaters… I've yet to dare beyond a DK, but there's a lot more of me to cover and a much colder climate up here.

  9. Oh man, if I lived in a cold climate I'd use bulky and worsted all of the time. They do work up so much faster! but when i finish something of a finer weight, I tend to wear it more often and feel a little extra pleased that I actually finished it.

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