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Finally, Finally, Finally…

I’m finally, finally getting to dig into Jane Richmond’s Clarke Pullover.  I can’t believe I’ve waited this long!  Was there ever a sweater that was more me than this?  If you don’t know, the answer is no.  Striped, oversized, and comfy- perfect.  At least that’s how it should be.

I was being a responsible knitter, finishing things I’d already begun and getting those test knits in.  I actually re-watched The 100, thinking I’d be casting this on, but finished the show without having knit a stitch on it.

So, I’ve kept this on me when I go places, sit in restaurants, take tickets at my son’s soccer tournament- basically, anytime I can get in a few stitches.  By the last day of the tournament, I had the progress shown above.  Now let me be honest.  I totally screwed up somewhere in my increases and underarm cast-ons.  That’s why I was freaking out that it looked so small when my gauge was right on.  It felt like a fitted something something in my hands, not the oversized top it should’ve been.  But once I get in the knitting zone, there’s no stopping me.

People I was down to the split hem and had something like a size 34″ on my needles instead of the 40″- ish version I wanted.  I would try it on and think, “Man, this is fitted.”  That’s because it had about 1.5″ of negative ease instead of the 4″ of positive ease I wanted.

Thank goodness I came to my senses and quit mindlessly knitting long enough to count my stitches.  I was missing like 32 stitches.  Did I call myself a responsible knitter, earlier?

Anyway, I watched an old X-Files episode (in anticipation of the new series coming out in a few days) and ripped all the way back to the raglan increases, then finished them correctly.  Now, my sweater feels like a comfy, oversized sweater in my hands as I work.  So typical.

Let me pause here to ask if you’re excited for this new X-Files series as much as I am.  This is another finally, finally finally… I loved that show so much as a teenager/ young adult, up until Mulder was worked out of the storyline.  I hung with it through the introduction of Robert Patrick and Annabeth Gish.  They weren’t bad actors at all, but the plot had gotten so confused and off track. I still can’t remember where the whole alien cover-up conspiracy thing was when the show ended.  Good thing I found this episode guide and am re-watching the ones that focused on the Greys.  I’m still just beginning season 4, but I’m loving remembering my first reaction to these way back when.  I really hope Chris Carter will forget some of the goofy things they did in the last X-Files movie and pick up as if the series never got too bogged down with self-indulgent twists and turns.   Ah, and isn’t Gillian Anderson still so beautiful?

Back to Clarke:  I really needed this knit to work as I don’t have a lot of sweaters that fit right now.  I’m focusing on oversized knits that give me an adaptable wardrobe as my body goes through all sorts of weird changes.  Some days I feel like Bruce Banner trying to make sense of what the Gamma Ray (hormone therapy, in my case) has done to him and why can’t he remember anything?   It’s almost comical.
Other days I feel like the Hulk trying to find something else to wear in Bruce’s closet besides the purple clam diggers.

My one comfort is that this knits up fast, so I should be able to finish it in a week or so, if I focus.  And knowing my propensity for robotic knitting as I stare into space, it will probably be that quick.

I like this green color combo in Wool of the Andes Sport yarn.  I have nothing in either of these greens in my wardrobe, so it feels like an extra useful knit.

Oh, and here’s another soccer mom photo because I guess I’m one of those.

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