How to End 365 Number 2

This is a how-to on how to finish your second 365 project without hating it’s guts.  
Because at this point you’ll do anything to get that picture of the day over with:
Just point the camera in a direction and click.
I didn’t have the heart to call this day 281, but it could’ve been.
Take boring photos of yourself doing nothing in particular.
knitting bag, day 262 

Use your phone a lot and call the grain an effect.
Mix regular mom type pictures in with the daily photos because you were going to take them anyway.
Look, I made the poster, I didn’t feel like being creative any more.
This necessitates taking photos of your family, wether they like it or not.  
At this juncture in the project, I’d say the less willing they are, the better.
Don’t forget to throw in a few of yourself when you’re sick.  They’re even classier when taken via phone.
day 292 within day 310

Then, a few days later, you can take pictures of pictures you drew of those pictures of yourself.  (I was drawing with my son and mistakenly thought maybe this would make the phone photo of myself with a migraine seem more artful.  Um, nah.
ttv52- week 43

 Put shoes on your dog.
Ah, a blurry phone pic, now I’m really getting the end-of-365-spirit.
 So, I’m back to the dog again. 

Even if some of these are kind of (very) blah and uninspired, they still mean something to me.  I mean, besides loving my kids and their activities, I really do like my dog in shoes.   

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