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I feel on the brink of something.   I realize I’m saying that and then following it with a bunch of pictures of yarn and my cat…again, which begs the question, “How interesting can this brink be?”  But, it really isn’t about the yarn.

I am sensing I’m about to change again.  It’s like the feeling I used to get before the first day of school as a girl, minus the dread.  It’s the signal that a small, imperceptible change is taking place in me (like finding forgiveness or learning an old fashioned lesson.)  It’s the sort of thing only my sister or grandmother would ever know happened and, once it does, I feel much lighter.

But about the yarn:  I just received a box with a summer’s worth of yarn.  Yes I added to my yarn hoard, but, no, it will not be contributing to my craft storage problem for long.  I’m doing something new this year: actually knitting with summer weight yarn in summer – crazy brink alert!  Really, who wants to drive to the beach or across country in the summer with a bulky, wool sweater piled on their lap?  I could’ve used stashed yarn, but the only cotton I have is for dish towels, so…

Along with trying some more delicate knitting on tiny needles, I’m considering entering the Ravelympics.   In case you have never heard of this athletic event of sorts, it is a knit-along held during the Olympics in which teams of knitters watching the summer games from around the world compete for the gold in their own events like Charity Rowing (knitting items for charity), Synchronized Stashbusting (an attempt to compete while using up old yarn you’ve hoarded),  Sweater Triathlon, Afghan Marathon… you get the idea.  All items must begin and end with the opening and closing ceremonies of the London Olympics.

The point is to work fast, pick projects that challenge you, and enjoy the online antics on Ravelry.  Oh, yeah, and you can watch the Olympics.  If you should finish in an event Bobicus Maximus will be handing out blog badges as medals.  Silly, huh?

I’m thinking of entering the Sock Put (because I never knit socks), or the Home Stuff Hammerthrow (because I could use up all of that dish towel cotton, you know?)   But what I’d really like to do is make the summer tops I bought this yarn for in the Sweater Triathlon and Colorwork Crosscountry.  I’m just not sure it would count as a challenge, except for the time factor.    So, until I finish the sweater I’m working on now or until opening ceremonies begin, they remain boxed up possibilities.

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  1. I know, Severien, I'm excited to get started! It took me forever to pick my colors, but it is so warm where I live that I can't believe I haven't done this before.

  2. Rebecca, I so envy knitters in big cities with all sorts of yarn options. I usually shop cheap at the chain store with a tiny selection, so this feels so luxurious (it's just Knit Picks, but still…) Is it weird that I keep opening the box and staring?

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