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Clutch KAL, Week 1

This is week 1 of the Scallop of the Sea Knitalong.  Have I said how much I love these colors together yet?

(My son set aside Assassin’s Creed long enough to help me take this photo.)

As usual, I had one false start in which I knit well past the week’s goal only to see that the stitches were too loose and the whole bag would be a few inches wider than I’d like.

After much annoying untwisting and unravelling of the stranded piece, I decided that on my second try I’d use a two handed throwing technique that combines continental and English knitting styles, like “real” fair isle knitters do.

Since I’m used to the English style, holding a second strand in my left hand and throwing it around the needle from there felt weird, like brushing my teeth with the wrong hand; but once I got used to it, I see I can knit about as fast as I was previously without having to perpetually untwist yarn balls.   This means that ripping anything back will also not require much untwisting, should I need to correct a mistake.  Plus, I can carry my floats easily in this way, which just looks pretty.  

(more on my Ravelry)

I’m back down to size 2s again.  I need to just invest in several small sized addi turbo needles (sizes 0 to 4) for Christmas.  I’d call this a hint, but no one from my everyday life reads this except my grandmother, and I may have lost her back there with all the two handed throwing technique business.  But, it is almost Cyber Monday….

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