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What Would MacGyver Do?

I was trapped in a difficult situation: I had to find Christmas presents for several men in the family who need and want nothing, and I was desperate. All I had on hand was a little lye, some oil, a fragrance sample, clay, and pvc pipe. What nifty contraption could I make to get out of this predicament? What would MacGyver do?

Make shaving soap, of course.

At least that is what I’ve attempted to do here. It’s just like regular soap, but with more sudsy oils and bentonite clay. I poured it in the pipe molds and a silicone brownie pan to set, then pushed it out of the pipes with a bottle.

It does smell great- like vanilla and myrrh mixed. And after the cylinders are cut into slices, they’ll be the perfect size for a shaving mug. If nothing else, my husband is stocked on shave soap…forever.

Next time I need to prep the pvc with petroleum jelly or something to help the soap pop out. Then there won’t be those knife marks where I had to loosen the sides with my knife. And, no, it wasn’t a swiss army knife.

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