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(365 Day 287)
Making quick work of my more appropriately colored oatmeal pullover,  I watched an hour of the new Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House on the Prairie.  It’s really well scripted, directed,acted, etc.  But I’m not an impartial critic,  since I grew up watching Little House on tv and, even now, hearing a few bars from the theme song makes tears stream instantly down my face.  I’d think it was because I used to watch it with my mother and it’s a sentimental link to her, but then I see my husband choking up next to me. Probably subliminal messages.
I’ve really been eager to finish some knits lately.  Maybe it’s because winter’s approaching and so is the end of my 365 Project.   Whatever the reason, I was so happy to find a couple of new wool collections at our local hobby store:  Patons Classic Wool and Debbie Stroller’s Stitch Nation.  There’s alpaca, bamboo, and merino in enough colors to do some serious fair isle.  I thought about pulling it all out of the bins into a pile on the aisle floor so I could roll around and swim in it, but…nah,  I just stared at the non-acrylic fibers like they were in a carnival freak show.  
You see, I live in a knitting wasteland.  When I see fellow knitters living sort of nearby on Ravelry, its like the Robinson family realizing there are neighbors in the tree next door.  
Was considering The Mrs. Darcy Cardigan next, but the real pattern I had saved in my Ravelry library has been removed and all I have left are the circular modifications I would’ve tried.  I don’t know if I’m up to winging something like that.  So, if not, it’s the Liliane Sweater Coat

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