Blurred and Bent

I guess you can see that I finally got a composer.  I love it.  The cheap, DIY-er in me wanted to make one with a toilet plunger (never underestimate the plunger) but I gave in to the convenience and options of the lensbaby.   Plus I just have too many unfinished projects around the house like: sweaters, bathrooms, drip lines, …laundry.
So this is a glimpse of a really good day with the lensbaby and two of my favorite people who actually let me take their pictures without a fuss.  I won’t include all of the ones where my son suddenly develops a serious overbite and crossed eyes.  Or the ones where my daughter seems to unhinge her jaw, opening her mouth as wide as it will go, just as the camera clicks (and they wonder why I did a 365 of myself last year.)  But these were a few if my favorites.  I thought the lens worked best with the monochrome background.  They were great straight out of the camera, but tweaking is addictive, like picking at a scab, so…

(day 26)

Speaking of addictions, I think I will have to make that tilt shift lens.

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  1. Thanks! I had too, but there were so many things that needed to come before more camera stuff in the budget, you know. I do think it was worth the wait.

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