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You know it’s been a hard couple of weeks when there’s lots of shoe pictures.  
It makes me think of that line in “Lost in Translation” where Scarlett Johanssen says she went through that period all girls go through where they take dumb pictures of their feet.  Maybe I’m making up for lost time.   At least it documents what we’ve actually been doing to some degree. 
These last pics are of Valentine’s.  We went for a drive and parked.  Not that kind of park, silly.  We brought food to the park, listened to the cd I made of some of our favorite songs, and talked.    Apparently, lots of couples had the same idea because we saw plenty pull up as we were leaving and several getting into the backseat… to watch a movie.  
Married couples and their cheap dates. But, it really was fun.
 (pointe, day 36)
  (Give My Regards to Broadway, day 44)

(valentine, day 45)
Speaking of shoes, I found these on sale and they give me such a feeling of nostalgia for my early twenties, that I had to save my pennies to buy them.

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  1. Michelle, I have to say, these photos are ALL wonderful!! All of them! But I adore the first and last ones. Sounds like you had a lovely V-day. I'm happy for ya.

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