What to DO…

I just received Aperture 3 and started piddling with it.  Piddling for hours, that is, and reading all the reviews I should’ve read before ordering it.

imperfected, on my Flickr

I’m not really into spending lots of time in front of the computer, so this is a big bummer for me to have to figure it out.  Plus, I let my husband, who doesn’t use the camera, research this purchase for me – due to the same loathing- sitting -in- front- of- the- computer thing.  Now I am not sure if it was the right decision.   Maybe Lightroom is better (you get what you pay for), but if that’s the case would Photoshop CS be the way to go?  I don’t have any real interest in manipulating the life out of a photo, though, so… it might be like buying a hummer when all I really need is a bike, or a pair of shoes.

Any opinions are welcomed.

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