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I’ve been feeling a little cloistered lately.  Maybe it’s the early hour that it gets dark, or the stuffy noses from marsh burnings that has me slowing down.  Maybe it’s the cold weather or the fact that so many people I’ve known have died near Christmas that’s had me feeling a little blue lately.   I’ve read that people have a built in emotional memory surrounding an event in their life and each year, near the date the event occurred, the feelings return without them even being aware of it.  But, I’m not overpowered by emotion here, just slow and thoughtful.  
 (365 day 331)
One thing I have been able to do is reflect on things: where I messed up and where I could do better next year.  And then there’s the things I have no control over, but have to accept just the same.

I guess this is an emotional memory of sorts for me, because every year at this time, I consider my life and, sometimes, things change because of it.
(365 Day 332)
That or else I just need to break down and buy a sad visor and dawn light to trick myself into a spring frame of mind.

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