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Making House a Home

This was my favorite summer cottage in Maine. Like the ultimate playhouse, it has so many of the surface elements that I love packed into one camp house: cedar shingles, blue-green paint, texture/detail, trellises and ivy, big inviting windows, a little arch going on, slightly overgrown landscape, and a porch you can actually sit and relax on.

Our home isn’t so quaint on the surface. It’s plain, with only the plants I brought with me and divided as further outer adornments. But when I open the front door, I feel like the embellishments are inside-out.

Beyond the old home fixtures of hardwood and high ceilings, there’s a feeling of warmth inside like a fireplace is glowing in a corner that you won’t find.

Our little hideaway is on a forgotten street of old houses and even older trees. Up on piers, we celebrate here, laugh here, settle our disputes, and pile up on the couch together, surrounded by the memories we make.

I can certainly appreciate a beautiful home, and I have enjoyed every visit I make to one.

But I always feel a little relief to get back to our little home decorated by us.

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