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One Happy Pot

I got to christen one of my Christmas presents yesterday (thanks Grandmommy and Papaw!) It’s a 6 qt. enameled, cast iron dutch oven and when combined with this book, it produces a real happy meal.

It was as easy as a crock pot, but faster, and the meal wasn’t soupy. Once it was in the oven, I didn’t have to do a thing but talk to my sister over coffee for an hour.

Apparently, its all about the layers (of which you can only see one in the picture.) Frozen chicken, wine and vinegar, seasonings, potatoes, mushrooms,then broccoli with a few bay leaves tucked inside.
If I could’ve quickly found my ingredients in the black hole we call a pantry, the prep would’ve been a snap.

No side dishes, no sink full of dishes (at least not from this meal) and it smelled fantastic.

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