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I Heart Resale

Went to the antique stores last Friday and though I found an Amish Butterprint dish for $7, though most pieces were about $20.

They had an old brownie for $20, which I didn’t get. Went to resale shops and found a pyrex refrigerator dish for $3 and a Brownie Hawkeye for $1.

Can I just say that Goodwill is the bestest?

(a real polaroid)

My brother told me he has issues with used cookware.
That was as I served him supper on a Goodwill corelle plate. Woops.

(a ttv photo)

I do feel a little weird about shoes, but I’ve found my daughter next to new shoes there exactly like she wanted for $3 too.
All we need is hot water and soap.

(a droid of a ttv)

I have loved thrifting since jr. high. I remember a certain Marcia Brady dress, box purses, and old men vests. And don’t get me started on the records!

But, honestly, after we got in the car from our last thifting trip, I noticed my daughter and I both weren’t touching anything in the car with our fingertips. I was steering with my joints or something.

But I had paid with a fully stamped discount card and the whole lot only cost us 49 cents.
I guess I can afford a little OCD.

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