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This is my new old camera.

This is my first ever picture with it. Hee hee!

(365 Day 118 Photo)

I did have a polaroid Joycam when my babies were really babies. It made tiny little pics, and they were ok, but the film was available for, maybe, a year then it was gone.

I guess I’m kind of photo-focused right now. Maybe it’s to avoid making this sweater. I do hate its guts and I hope it dies. Can you believe I used to say that all the time when I was a little girl? Hate and guts..kind of severe.

Did I just follow a picture of my child with the terms “hate and guts” like it was a caption?! Oh well, I really am tired.

No, I have no hate today. There’s no guts. I did eat brownie a la mode for lunch (which gives you an idea of my mood) but I actually had a great weekend visit with my brother, no migraines, have 11 precious shots left for this camera, and there is one brownie left.

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