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A Girl in the Garden

(365 Day 117 Photo)

Okay that’s that. I posted a 365. Now, the rest of these images are from my first guest photographer. How convenient that she lives right here under the same roof and uploads all her pics to my computer.

My daughter has just started experimenting with the macro settings on the pocket camera she got for Christmas.
This week she used our garden as as inspiration.

That’s heirloom lettuce above and Sweet Peas below.

I love how you could never guess these papery leaves are tiny blooms on a chive flower, very up close.

And this was the silhouette of an onion flower. I love that her perspective makes these look larger than life, when in reality, our garden is miniscule.

Hyper-green lettuce.

And a rose. I LOVE this. The darkness, the focus…you wouldn’t think it was the universal symbol of love (unless it’s the faded love of Annie Hall.) It’s like shed skin or something.

Lastly, this is my favoritest: because it’s a succulent and my favorite color. This is one of the little plants I got for my own little version of a living wall that I have yet to design but wanted for Mother’s Day, which is next weekend. Hmmm, pushing it a bit.

I haven’t decided if it will really attach to the house (it is sad little siding) or lean against it all casual and artsy-like on the patio.

I’m kidding with the artsy bit, but, honestly, with all the scrap lumber for a yet-to-be-built chicken coop, potato tires, a well pump, and other unmentionable projects, we don’t need more junk.

Thanks, Sweet Girl, for letting me enjoy your photos!

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  1. first of all: That's a pretty cool little pocket camera, as you call it.
    And some of those flowers are beautiful. The Hyper Green Lettuce reminds me of some crazy math equation.
    I wish I could grow such things.

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