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I Vant Dis

That’s the title of one of my bookmarks. And the list of pages of camera accessories, shoes, diy projects, music, and housewares just keeps growing.

I would never expect to get all of it. We live on a tight budget. Besides, everyone in my family sees the “I Vant Dis” folder on a daily basis and ignores it, even around Christmas and my birthday. Sniff, sniff. No, I’m not really serious about making all my materialistic dreams come true, that’s not really the point. It’s more like a dumping ground for those wistful desires I don’t take seriously. The more “serious” things , like fixing up our bathroom, I pray about.
I see, I like, I save to folder, I forget about it. If something “stays with me” for a while I can either save for it or use it as inspiration to make something similar.

A brief excerpt from my all encompassing list:

How to make a spinning wheel for $2.50
Family grain mill
macrame owl necklace
lucite bracelets
civia cycles
retro usb turntable
star wars cookie cutters
clawfoot tubs
Diana lens
This is Blythe
running skirts
murphy beds

Anyway, a certain Rolling Stones song comes to mind as I look through it.
And I’m ok with not always getting what I want. I know that makes the times when I actually do get blessed with it, more precious. Same principle we use with our children. Sometimes they need to hear, “No.”

But a few days ago I actually deleted something off the list:

I had been wanting to switch to running shoes like this for a couple of months now and was disappointed to find they were completely sold out and had been for months, with no word on when the company would have more. This wasn’t even a cost issue (they cost about what a pair of shoes at the sporting goods store would cost.) There was just too high of a demand for them. The closest thing I could find didn’t seem as comfortable to me and looked like Squidward‘s tentacles. (I don’t need more stares or honks as I run.)

(365 Day 222)

Then after trying ebay one more time, I found an unused pair in my size. This is uncommon.

So I got the shoes and a reminder for my kids and myself: God is interested in our needs and even in our tiniest desires. He won’t always say yes; but sometimes, if we’ll be patient and grateful, He may just bless us with something we never considered seriously. Like weird running shoes
or a new claw foot bathtub (found in a man’s front yard for less than 1/4 the original price.)

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  1. "God is interested in our needs and even in our tiniest desires. He won't always say yes; but sometimes, if we'll be patient and grateful, He may just bless us…"

    I love that. Well said. I believe that, too.

  2. Thanks, Lousiana Belle! It's so true.
    Mon, I checked out the waffles. They do look pretty minimal. The heel isn't too built up – a very good option if these don't work out. I never see anything about these. Guess I just don't know where to look, but I like that site! Saw mizunos and newtons (used by minimalists, too) there.

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