Oatmeal Pullover in Camo?

I finished the Oatmeal Pullover by Jane Richmond. It was designed for inexpensive Lion Brand yarn but I chose this paintbox yarn because I had to get rid of it. I bought it years ago, when I started knitting, to use for the dreaded Bulky Brioche Raglan that whipped me. It seemed wrong to spend so much on a yarn and never use it.

(matchy matchy, 365 Day 224)

But, I don’t like the color in this pattern. I thought it looked potholder-ish, but the lower half of the sweater takes on a sort of zig zag pattern that my husband says look like camo. So, I’m going to unknit the bottom, and use an extra ball or two of the same yarn interchangeably to, hopefully, keep the color pattern from forming.

We’ll see. It is fitted in the arms (as many Ravelers have noted) but not uncomfortable, especially once it’s not in the 90’s outside. I’m sure I’ll use it. But, I don’t think I’ll ever love it. So, I started another in a cheaper off white Lion Brand yarn in my stash, hoping that the oatmeal color of this new yarn will override the quality and produce something I truly love.

And since the goal is using up all my saved yarn this year, I’ll at least be accomplishing that.

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