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I’m interrupting the flow of my million sock posts to talk about the League Series KAL I’m joining… and I’m actually doing it in real time!! I know! Can you believe I’m not waiting two years to seam pieces together and then let you know the knit-along is happening?

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Remember my Two of Wands craze a couple of years ago? Well, it never really ended. I’ve been dreaming up stash yarn versions of her latest designs this whole time. I do have some Lion Brand LB Cotton Jeans yarn for her Autumn League Pullover somewhere at the back of the yarn closet, but alas, the Color Theory in Caper is at the front of said closet. I am also incredibly lazy.

I used this Caper color along with Admiral to knit a baby blanket recently and I had enough left over, plus an extra couple of skeins, to knit the Spring League Sleeveless Hoodie.

It is not wool but is one of the most comfortable non-wool yarns I have worked with. It beats working with cotton or linen. In theory, this yarn is 100% acrylic so it should create a nice transitional sweater vest. However, my mind cannot accept that acrylic works in Texas transitional weather. Mornings can be cool, but mid-day can suck. I usually opt for a traditionally breathable yarn like linen, cotton, or a blend of the two for milder temperatures. So not only is this a chance to try another Alexandra pattern, it’s a big experiment to see if acrylic yarn will leave me feeling gross and smelly in October. If I weren’t so lazy I’d look for a horrible photo I took of myself after working out one summer day, but I am and you can thank me for that.

A lot of readers and viewers of the podcast mention appreciating that I use affordable yarns quite often. Color Theory is one of those yarns. At the moment a skein is about $4.50 on Lion Brand’s site, which would make this sweater under $23 in materials. That’s not bad for an acrylic experiment. I do plan to eventually use the LB Cotton Jeans for the Autumn League Pullover and Hue and Me for the Winter League Pullover. All of these are just as affordable. If this isn’t your moment to buy yarn, I get it. Lion Brand has yarn sales so often, you’re sure to catch one when you are ready to try them.

Now if you are interested in joining the KAL, please let me know here or on Rav or instagram. I’d like the encouragement to finish this hoodie before I start a couple of more involved sweater classes at the end of the month.

Okay, next time it’s back to more socks.

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