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It seemed fitting to use this Indie dyed yarn, from Miss Mothballs, for these Indie patterned socks, from The Sweater Collective, for the Indie Designer Knit-along.  That’s right, I’m seeing how many times I can drop the word indie in one post.   Later I might watch Indi-ana Jones and the Temple of Doom.  Nah, that’s too much. Also, that movie stinks.

But aren’t my Fine and Dandy Socks pretty?  I’ve been wanting to make them since they first popped up on Instagram.  So when my Reindeer cardigan became too large to bring with me most places, these give me some doctor’s office knitting.  And there’s been a lot of that.  It’s checkup time for everybody.

I decided I wanted to use both of these skeins from Miss Mothballs Yarn because they seemed to fit the designs I’d chosen perfectly. Bird’s Egg, in the Soft Sock base, is the one I chose for Fine and Dandy.  The Wild Rose, in Tough Sock, seemed very fitting for the Rose Hip Socks I want to knit next . I don’t know that I’ll get the second pair finished by the end of the KAL, but it’s not about the prizes for me.  I’m looking for the community and motivation.  You can see a little mini of Unicorn Farts in the photo below, too.

This is a pretty, but tricky, stitch and I realized, after I was halfway through a foot, that I was adding an extra row between repeats.  Oh well, it still looks good.  Who’ll notice?

(ravelry, kollabora, instagram, and flickr)

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