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January Instagram

A little Instagram update for January.  We went to a youth conference for kids, encouraging them in their faith with great speakers, worship, and good music.  Runks, David Crowder, Phil Whickam, Kacy BensonSkillet (Can I just say that watching the various ways kids mosh at a Christian concert is entertainment in itself?), and Beautiful Eulogy were there.  It was a very good thing.

 (David Crowder with new band to be called Crowder, I think.)

Almost as important as my Christian faith is my bang situation: they’re growing out and as you can see I have been sitting around in waiting rooms with nothing but my phone quite a bit this month.

But this is what I have been waiting for: a little more color.  By the way, Beautiful Eulogy is giving their album Satellite Kites away as a free download at humblebeast.com, which gives new meaning to “putting your money where your mouth is.” That is, giving it away.

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