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A Hectic Little Christmas

That’s what I heard in my head all day: “Have yourself a hectic little Christmas.”  I know, it sounds kind of humbug-ish.  But if you read my last post, you see how much I value quality time at home.  Two Christmas parades today… two Christmas parties yesterday…decorated two trees the day before that.   All of which is a gift to be able to see and do.  I have a pretty good attitude about the busyness.  I’m not complaining, just stating the obvious.  I would feel like a total fraud if I accompanied these photos with platitudes about joy, cheer, and the peace of the holiday season right now.

 (365 day 328)

But that’s okay because, in keeping with the list of twos, the kids are about to have two weeks off with us and we get to celebrate with two family get-togethers, and I know two kids who are going to be really happy Christmas morning, plus we’ll have two functioning bathrooms by then. Oh look, there’s the joy and Christmas cheer!

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