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  1. lovely photos. The first one looks like the beginning of something new and I really like the feather, even though it feels like November to me. Here we've been having quite a lot of snow, so there aren't that many colours out yet.

  2. Don't mind me, I'll just be over here, freezing my butt off looking at the freezing world outside my window as I oogle your pretty flower pictures. 🙂 Nice to see there's some pretty colours outside somewhere on this continent! Very pretty pictures.

  3. Aah lovely. I especially like the butterfly one (altho in real life I'm a bit scared of butterflies when they are fluttering about my head…)

  4. Thanks, Corinne! Though it never gets too bleak here in winter, we have very little color. These are just old photos from late summer. Personally, I'd prefer a true, snowy winter to the blah/ dead grass kind.

  5. That's funny! My daughters boyfriend hates those giant grasshoppers we get in summer and we tease him about them. I was surprised I caught a butterfly on camera. It's funny how the angle makes my yard look full of flowers and life. It was not at all. Ah, selective photography.

  6. Well, these are old photos I dumped from my phone. Im cheering myself with them as well. Our winters are bland- a lot of gray days, yellow grass, and still- Mosquitos!

  7. true winter is indeed beautiful. Here we have a lot of grey days that make winter boring, but snow and cold are nice.

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