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Another Loop Collar

These are some more rainy day photos of my rainy day knits.  This Markham Collar is knit with a wool blend- Lofty Wool.  It is very bulky and a somewhat stiff, but this collar is meant to be almost over the top, so it was worth trying.

I used the same mods as on my other Markham, but I feel like the bulky stiffness made the cast on and bind off rows too visible on this one.  It is also less flexible and doesn’t have the same vintage, fur collar feel.  My sister and son liked this version best, maybe for the color or the “bam” factor.  For me, it was an opportunity to use up stash.

I always feel lighter when I use up some of my boxed yarn, and the fact that I’ve used it on several things just recently is giving me a bit of a rush.  Yes, my rush comes from knitting with my oldest yarn.   Anyway, this is why I’ve been a little accessory- crazed lately.  It’s my respite from lots of sweater knitting.  After this weekend, I’ll be starting a worsted fair isle project I’m very excited about, so I’m getting in all of the bulky knits I can until then.
The details on this one- I used 3 skeins and size 11 needles.  Casting on only 49stitches because this yarn is extremely bulky.  I did two rows of garter stitch, like the first Markham I made, then worked the loop stitch pattern rows a total of six times.  I bound off purlwise on the right side of the work because it seemed in keeping with the garter stitch cast on edge.

You have to love something that you can make during one movie (In my case, I’m catching up on the seasons I didn’t really like of Battlestar Galactica.  Jamie Bamber and Katee Sackhoff are going to be at a nearby Comic Con… so I sort of have to.)

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