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Knitting a Skirt

This is a knitting first for me.  I’ve never knitted a skirt before, though I’ve wanted to make this since it first came out in the HK Fall/ Winter collection.  Back then,  I decided to do the shorts instead.  So now I’m back to the New Girl skirt and I’m surprised at how fast it’s knitting up.

What you’re seeing is just an afternoon’s work on it, and that’s after I did some figuring and reduced the cast on stitches because I cannot knit at a small enough gauge.  I am also using dk weight instead of sport.  It sounds crazy since I’d normally want to knit the second size, but I have tried it on and it does, indeed, fit.   Since then I’ve made it past the pocket separation.

You can see I’m not a fan of finishing, so I’ve just folded my waistband over the elastic and knit the top stitches together with the corresponding stitches on my needle.  I didn’t knit the last few edge stitches with the ones on the needle to leave a little hole for adjusting the elastic before seaming it all up.  If my elastic ever gets stretched or just isn’t working, I guess I can always undo those few seamed stitches and correct it.  

Now, if I splice my ends together as I work, I will havel almost no finishing to do.  Check out my constant companion on the couch:

(more on ravelry, kollabora, instagram, flickr)

This is going so fast, I feel certain I’ll be able to finish before the end of the KAL.  I wish we’d have one more cool evening so I can wear it without being completely ridiculous, sweating in a wool skirt and tights.

Now, if I can finish Julep JacketDrift’s Ridge, and Twenty Ten, all of my winter goals will have been completed.  Is it weird that I know that will free up mental space.  It will also help me clear out the overstuffed knitting basket.  The last two sweaters I mentioned are not far from completion at all, I just got a little side tracked by knitalongs.

I was pretty bummed about my gauge issues with Drift’s Ridge and that re-knitting it meant I wouldn’t get to wear it at all this winter, but just having it completed and perfect (hopefully) for next Fall will ease my disappointment.  Then I’ll be free to follow the siren song of new linen and cotton collections.   Guys I have a growing list of summer knits I want to make.  Do you?

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  1. This skirt looks great! Recently I have made my first knitted skirt and I was really surprised how easy and fast it was! Enjoy! As for me I am always up for cotton, linen, bamboo and silk yarn – love plant fibers!

  2. Looks like such a fun knit! I've never knit a skirt before, either, but I have a few patterns saved that I hope to get around to soon. I can't wait to see yours finished up.

  3. Yay for skirt knitting! I knit my first ever skirt last year (which was also the new girl skirt) and really loved the process. Still contemplating what skirt pattern I should try next. I wear skirts all the time, so it makes a lot of sense for me to finish a few more.

  4. I love my New Girl! It's funny that, just as it's getting too warm to wear it comfortably there, it's finally getting warm enough to think about doing so here! I can't wait to see what contrast colour you choose.

  5. I've never knitted a skirt either! I'm sure this will look lovely on you. Somehow I think it will match your style perfectly.

    I never stop knitting warm garments since I tend to be mostly cold. Even in our hot summers there are moments when I need a cardigan. I have a couple more of Andi's cardigans planned, and then I'll also sew some summer dresses 🙂

  6. Thanks, Alina. So far, so good. I saw your skirt on Ravelry. I love how it turned out. You were wise to do it in cotton, as you'll get to wear it so much more. I am wondering how the cotton holds it's shape, though. I considered using a cotton blend on this, but decided I'd probably only wear it with tights, and that would be in the cold anyway.
    I'll look forward to seeing your summer knits! I have several linen blend knits in my future too!

  7. I have to say that this is an easy pattern, once you get past deciding wether to make it to fit your hips or waist. I should've done it sooner. I keep trying it on, because the fullness of the skirt looks so big, but each time it does fit.

  8. I have seen your New Girl, Tahnée!! I think I faved it on Ravelry because it was so gorgeous! You got more adventurous with color than I'm being. I kind of just wanted to stick with my old stand-by color and it was something the hobby store had in stock.
    I used to wear skirts quite often, but when my weight changed, I just never replenished my supply. I realized recently that I need some skirts and dresses that fit. So, this may be the beginning of a new thing.

  9. I chose a blue-green similar to the pattern sample. It was a safe bet for something I'd wear a lot, and the hobby store had it in stock.
    I remember when you and Cassy made your New Girls! I almost reduced my increases too, based on your mod, but decided to go with a classic circle skirt look instead. I do love yours, though.

  10. Imagine how much your sewing would come in handy if knitting a skirt! You could probably modify the fit with confidence, since you understand construction so well, Elena! I think you knit most of Andi's patterns the way I do Holla Knits 🙂 But, when you find a design source you love, why not try all the things?

  11. Like I commented to Angela, I really debated about how many increases to make. I finally decided to go with a full skirt, because my body's response to some medication I'm on is so up in the air. I have no clue how this will fit in a week, much less a year. So I figured full would be safest. Then, I can adjust the waist band if needed, later. 🙂 I'm practical that way. But I'm excited too. Your New Girl taunted me from instagram!

  12. I FINALLY cast on my New Girl yesterday, (the only thing I'm doing from the KAL), with just two weeks to go… I know you're a super fast knitter, but how many hours are you estimating it will take you?

    I have a feeling this is to go right down to wire, because I'm knitting it in Quince & Co Sparrow (fingering weight linen) on 3s, so I'll have to do that many more rows to get the length wahhhh… Because of that, I'm sort of tempted to not make it as full, just to reduce the stitch count. Linen also drapes really well, so I think it will look okay even if it's not as full.

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