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Ancient Chinese Secret

This is one of those things that people either grow well by accident or with some ancient chinese hoodoo:

I never see these in anyone my age’s home.  I never see these, period.  But mom had a couple of pots of African violets that flourished by a south- facing window my entire life, until after she passed away.  She had the touch.   Her mother, my Grandmommy, and I have been wanting to successfully grow them ever since.  But so far I’ve only proven to be ‘tetched.  I’d find just the right window, the perfect soil mixture, vow to water just right, then throw out the wilted or mildewed remains a few weeks later.
This latest attempt is a hydroculture pot: all lightweight expandable clay pebbles (no soil,) since mildew was always my problem.  I think I have to add some fancy fertilizer since it’s soiless and indoors, but I’ll think about that tomorrow.

I made one for my grandmother in a see-through glass pot, so she can tell when it needs water and put mine in hobnail vases translucent enough that I can hold it up to the window and see the water level too.  I could find a water level measure to stick in it too, but it probably won’t happen.

The hobnail makes me think of my mother.  This is the method she used.

 (365 day 5)

I may actually break this curse.  It’s just one of many.  The others involve fixer-uppers and being on time.

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  1. My grandmother used to grow African Violets successfully. She loved them and they loved her. You're right, I don't see these around much anymore. Good luck! Love the macro on the purple petals. 🙂

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