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2011 So Far

Like I said, this year it’s low maintenance photography.  
(Grandmommy’s kitchen, day 1)
(my kitchen, day 2)
(new bath tile, day 3)
(desk organizers, day 4)
Being a new year and all, I’ve got a few changes I want to make on my page, here.   However, I’ve reached a point after the last “Lost Template Debacle” where I’m afraid to touch anything.  I’d changed my former template so much I didn’t even remember which one it was, so I started from scratch.  I ran into one problem after another, finally tapping out with only margins left to fix (and,yeah, still not fixed.)  Basically, it was 3 days of migraine.  So, I’m leary of even clicking “publish” at this point, forget blog rolls and buttons.
I want to list the blogs I read, to list the books I’m reading, to install a progress bar, different music player, to give props to cool groups, etc.  But here I sit, staring into my mac as if one click will lead to my having a Vertigo-esque falling sensation, only to jolt awake sitting in front of a an old IBM green screen that says, “Shall we play a game?”   And I really don’t want to be responsible for that.  
So, I’ll leave the Christmas songs in the sidebar and put it off a few more days.  

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  1. lols. Nice movie reference.
    I'm always changing my template around. If you need help finding html codes let me know. I love that stuff.
    Oh ya, and I changed my blog URL. I moved to
    Come visit me!
    Happy new year!

  2. how great to see your blog again, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it and forgot to bookmark it so thanks for commenting on mine and getting me back to yours! congratulations on your 365, what an achievement. I love these pictures of grandmas kitchen and your four days. I do love your style of photography and your words. I am now going to try and find your follow list.

  3. oh my, I can completely relate. Last week I wanted to "lighten" my blog a bit. I somehow ended up completely losing the very altered template I had. I was so frustrated that I eventually just left it, I may work on it another time. For now I can live with it. I can't even find the navigation bar in the html code to hide it – I got so frustrated, I just left it.

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