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Scallop of the Sea

For some reason I haven’t wanted to tackle sewing up the sides of the Scallop clutch lining while the little people are home from school.  The little people are teenagers who would love nothing better than for me to sew while they play inordinate amounts of Skyrim… but still.

I have thought about it a lot, though.  It was hanging over the back of my rocker… waiting.  Every time I walked past it beckoned, “Sew three lines, Fool, and use me!”  My purse sounds like Mr. T.

With a new knitalong starting this week, I knew I had to get through the sewing on this and the buttons on another finished sweater or I’d have to deal with craft buildup, something akin to soap scum, but for crafts.   So last night I sat down at the table, intent on not rising until it was done.  My son read Letters from a Nut to me, to busy my right brain, and by 1 am the clutch was finished.

I stuck to the pattern completely, even using the sample colors in Knit Picks Stroll Sport that I won in a Holla Knits contest.

My notes:  I learned to throw yarn with both hands for this stranded work, and after getting used to it, things went a little faster.  I also periodically stretched things out across the needle to make sure my floats weren’t too tight.  Carrying the floats every third stitch, or so, also helped me maintain an even gauge.  
One note on blocking the Stroll Sport: If it seems to stretch out when wet, it can be thrown in the dryer.  Mine snapped right back to the correct dimensions when I did this.
For sewing, use the tutorial.  Sewing is not my thing, and my stitching isn’t perfect, but Katie’s tutorial was detailed enough to guide me through and it looks very professional.  Mine was handsewn, but if I can do this, anyone can.   
When I pinned the lining to the top of my bag, before sewing, I made sure to pin it in such a way that the opening wouldn’t be stretched out wider than the bag itself once sewn.  I didn’t want the folded top to be wider than the bottom.  I didn’t exactly gather it, but I did sometimes scrunch more knitted area into a sewn stitch than I would have if it were just a flat project. Does that make sense? 

This is a really good project for satisfying your desire for a doable, quick knit.  It’s also so distinctive; I received four compliments in the first 30 minutes of wear.

 The zipper, lining, and pocket details are sharp.  I am so, so pleased with how this turned out.  It was well worth pushing through my sewphobia.

I’m on a roll.  Hopefully I will get all 11 buttons on my Georgia this week while the sewing kit is out.

If you’re making this, or just really interested, here’s the rest of my posts on this one:

Swatching,  Week 1Week 2,  Week 3 and Katie’s tutorial is here.  Some of the other knitters’ bags are also in the Holla Knits gallery and they’re beautiful – lots of different color combos and fabric choices.

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