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“And whatever you do, do it heartily…

… as to the Lord, and not men”  Colossians 3: 23

This is one my kids hear a lot- before school,  or when I check up on their half- done chores, or as they complain about all the things that need to be done before they have time to themselves.  I don’t think they know how much I personally need this reminder.

(365 day 6)
I’ve not been too motivated lately.  Maybe it’s my sinuses.  Maybe it’s the time of year.  I mean, I’m still pulling my weight at home,  often pushing my own wishes for the day aside to do it.  It’s just that I’m forcing myself to, wearing the expression of someone having her gums scraped.   
It’s sobering to think my motives in my home (the attitude with which I do things) will live on, long after me.  Not just a complaining attitude, either; but, it could be a self-seeking one or a lazy one or  a too-distracted one.
I really do believe that a simple act done with a grateful, willing heart is more valuable to God than any amount of good deeds done for wrong motivations.  I think it’s worth more than all sorts of accomplishments or prestige designed  to pacify or impress,  especially if it’s done quietly.   To be a nobody who loves her family well would be the best accomplishment for me.
Okay, that’s the end of my public service announcement.  I just needed a pep talk.

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