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Her Interests

Since it’s so cold, most of my time and picture taking is spent indoors.  We are bundled up and huddled up like cavemen on the couch or reading and gaming on the bed by each other just because it’s below 30 degrees. In essence, we’re wimps.
Since I’m just wandering around the house looking for 365’s, I thought I’d invade my daughter’s privacy and preserve a bit of her interests and tastes in the process (we definitely share a few of those.)   I’m a wimp and a historian. 
(her favorites and some of mine, 365 day 9)
(365 day 10)

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  1. I love these shots, the last one is so gorgeous, lovely your daughter lets you photograph her stuff, I love your previous posts as well, you always write so well I really enjoy reading your posts.

  2. Thank you, Justine. She really was cool with me taking photos of her room, but when she saw the photo of us, she shrieked. Uh, guess I'm supposed to be replacing that…

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