“Art Thou Feeling it Now, Mr. Krabs…”

                                                          -Sponge Bob Squarepants

Another birthday come and gone, and I have to say…I’m feeling it.

I’m behind and out of order in my postings and all my other projects.  This is merely an attempt to catch up.  There was no epiphany this year-

no crustiness, either.

 But, I do notice that I’m forgetting song lyrics from the eighties (a blessing in disguise?) and I have serious memory gaps about the plot lines of books I read in high school.  My husband and I now split meals in restaurants (a waiter’s dream table) at 5pm and I have to be reminded about everything by my children or I’ll forget  (But, really, our family calendar looks like a scientist’s brainstorming.)   I also still make mad searches through the house for my keys at the last minute, but I figure as long as I don’t start conversations with “Time was…” or “Ehh?” I’ve still got it.

 (white trash targets, 365 day 7)
 (day 8)
 (crafty clutter, day 12)
(slice, day 14)

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  1. My favorite is the kitty photo as well, but I'll save my lengthier comment for Flickr. 🙂

    I've been on the same path as you for a few years now. My husband has a huge appetite so we can't share a dish at restaurants, but we always joke that we're now eating with the retirees. It's actually kind of nice. I don't like crowds or loud noises, so eating at that hour allows you to avoid all that. I am ALWAYS losing my lens cap. So, like your keys, I'm always on the hunt. Sometimes they fall out of my pants pockets when I'm doing the wash, and I'm always surprised. As important as that is, you'd think I would take better care…

  2. Thank you, April. I'm excited about keeping it going, though I just don't think I can spend the same kind of time on it this year.

    Thanks, Gail. I hear you. I told my husband it's okay if we eat supper at 4 and split a plate like "old people" as long as we aren't cross with each other while we do it. 🙂

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