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I Can Knit Anywhere

 I can.   I may not be pleasant to be around, but I can.  Sometimes it’s a necessity to have something “going” in my hands to get through, I don’t know,  a boring movie ( “Yes, that movie was a waste of 5 dollars, but look I made a sock, or a scarf, or a sweater, or a toilet seat cover!” )   I find that I take stressful times or conversations better if my hands are moving rythemically with the needles (“Oh, you want to talk about our impending financial doom?  Okay, Honey, will you just hold your hands up about 12 inches apart so I can wind this yarn around them while you talk?  Thanks”)

That is, unless it’s a tricky pattern.  In that case, the knitting may be the source of the stress and everyone needs to just steer clear for a while.

After a while, you learn how to pair down what you need in your bag so you can take it anywhere for sneaky knitting sessions:  a ruler that doubles as a needle sizer (because my needles are scattered all over the place apart from their mates), needle caps, extra circular cords, small scissors, a packet of stitch markers (the kind with an opening), two stitch holders,  a pencil, a copy of the pattern in a plastic sleeve, one cable needle, and my prism glasses.

 Yes, with prism glasses on my face, I can knit for hours on a long road trip without bending my head and getting a migraine, plus I get sympathetic stares from passing drivers.   Is anything better than me time AND sympathy?

 My need to squeeze in some knitting is why there are little stitch markers in the cracks between the seats of my car and in any other available  horizontal surface of my house.

In fact, the smaller the space, the easier it is to contain any stray knitting accoutrements.  These little plastic rings and yarn tags spread throughout the house are like my hallmark.   I’m considering making the space under my couch cushion the place where I store such things.  Anytime I need a stitch holder or needle cap, I can always dig around under there and find one.  I usually unearth a remote control or two while I’m at it.

This yarn cutter/ necklace keeps me from leaving open scissors on the cushions as my hallmark too.

So, I’ve got all my stuff encircling my spot on the couch like a little crafting shrine:  my remote, my netflix, my glass of water, and my lunch on the arm beside me.  Knitting heaven.

( day 82)

 That’s Amaranth Chili from this book and is good sweater-making fuel.
Before I started knitting, I rarely sat down during the day.  I’m still active, but I think the relaxation and creativity of knitting compliments that way of life.  So, I study the pattern, decide if and how I will change it, pick color and yarn, then churn it out.  sometimes I sit in my backyard or in the grass at the park, but usually it’s in front of the tv.   At one time, I would have thought that an increase in television viewing is a sign of my degeneration, but you can liken it to Mozart having his wife read stories to him to occupy his right brain as he used the left side to pen the musical compositions he’d already invented in his head.  
That knitted toliet seat cover is my symphony, you see.   

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  1. oh that's so funny, i also feel guilty about watching tv while knitting, because i know there's probably something else i could be doing, but then i remember that i'm knitting, not so much watching tv, so that makes it okay 🙂

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