Illusionist Infinity Scarves

In 2021 I knit a couple of Illusionist Infinity Scarves by Two of Wands. The two color cowl looks very similar to brioche, which I have done, but without the headache of having to look up Andrea Mowry’s brioche video and rewatch it so I won’t goof it up. I found the whole process very chill. And knitting in 2021 was all about chill evening time relaxation. 

There were no big, difficult projects for me that year- basically no podcasts or blog posts. I was at home, like everyone else, but also in my own little world of making. And it was okay. I’ve heard from a lot of crafters who backed away from screens after almost a year of pandemic. It’s like the world was collectively burned out on information, ads, news, crisis. 

I knit much less than in previous years. I mean, I had just moved and was organizing, purging, and refreshing things, but it was more than that. I just needed some quiet time to think. Instead of knitting I did a lot of walking. I moved from a situation where I was feeling cooped up to having trails in my neighborhood, so I took advantage of them almost every day. Most weekdays I didn’t see anyone on them. I would take photos of cactus and dogs and pray and just rest my soul.

Details: Each one of these cowls used two skeins each of two different colors and size US 10 needles. For the first one, I used a color combo I had wanted to try since Lion Brand announced it’s Hue and Me yarn line: Shadow and Love Song. (Remember that song by the Cure? Least. Liked. Cure. Song. Ever.) This version was my favorite of the two.

The second cowl was knit in Desert and Werewolf. It is an extra vivid contrast and the one I thought my daughter might choose of the two. I secretly thought the Love Song version fit her wardrobe better, but I gave her the choice as a bonus Christmas gift. You can see that it really suits her. 

The fisherman’s rib is a fun stitch and extra special when knit in contrasting colors. It also makes a nice reversible knit. 

I will probably make another one next Christmas as a gift for someone. I’m thinking of the Peacoat and Juniper colors.

(more images on my Flickr)

So how did you guys rest your soul in the last couple of years? How did you do it? Was stepping back from the phone part of your strategy? 

Details on my Illusionist Infinity Cowls on Ravelry: mine and my daughter’s

On the youtube channel Episode 50: So Much Hue and Me

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