Image of me in my Simcoe Headband by Good Night Day that I knit from recycled bargain scarf yarn.

Episode 55: Ms. Fixit

This is where I record the eleventy billionth knitting podcast.

There’s an SUV camper bed DIY at timestamp 42:44

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My question for you:

Giant sweater body pillow- yes or no? And what summer knits would you like to do? Any good crochet recommendations?

There’s an SUV Camping Bed DIY at the end of the video timestamp 42:44

Stuff I mention in Episode 55:
The #RecycleReknitRemake make along on instagram:

My recycled knits this week:
Windsor Headband by Tara-Lynn Morrison:

My High Cliff Hat by Melissa Schaschwary:

Kapsel Cardigan by Shannon Cook:

Patterns for your recycled knits:

Felix Pullover by Amy Christoffers:

Dingley Dell by Isabell Kraemer:

Good for T-shirt Yarn:

Moondance Bag or Patsy Purse by Wool and the Gang:

Piazza Shoulder Bag by Wool and the Gang:

Cindy Case by Wool and the Gang:

My other Dresden Beret by Tara-Lynn Morrison:

My Boxy V-neck Vest by Katya Gorbacheva that will actually be a vest:

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel:

Summer and/ or crochet patterns:

Opal Tank by Two of Wands:

My Lace Sweater “Villanelle” by Olga Grishina:

All Around Summer Towel by Knits and Knits by AME: 

Some Youtube channel Recommendations:

DIY Danie:

Danie’s Apothecary Dupe:

Alexandra Gater:

Alexandra’s Industrial Living Room Makeover:

Paige Wassel:

Paige’s tiny Chicago Apartment tour:

Nick Talks Design:


Picnicamp’s Range Rover camping video:

Medieval Camp Aesthetic:

Rachel Maksy:

Earthship Biotecture:

Living Big in a Tiny House:

For SUV camper bed DIY:

a 0.5″ thick pc of plywood, cut to 45″ x68″

4- 2″ diameter PVC pipes, furniture grade

4- 4 way pic connectors

4- 3way pvc connectors

1- 5way pvc connector

9 pvc end caps, all pvc is 2″ diameter

a 1″x3″ board, cut to 36″

wood screws

gorilla glue

a camper mattress, mine was about 53″ x74″

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