My Orega-do

I was going for a Welcome Back, Carter but … anyone remember Benita Bizarre?
 (day 82)
I’m feeling reclusive and grouchy today.  Little things like full trashcans and a coat hanger shortage are making me seethe.  Not to mention dippy Facebook posts that read: “Just finished another crossfit class, now I’m doing 50 pushups… as I text this… with my nose.”  If I see the phrase “You rock! ” carelessly written as a knee jerk response to someone’s update again I’m erasing my profile.  
Or there’s those kids down the street that scream non stop in front of our house for 45 minutes for no apparent reason (even my kids were annoyed. )   Don’t turn on Fox News or show me what’s “Trending” I can’t be responsible for how I’ll act.  
What is it?  Is it time for summer vacation?  It’s like I have no tolerance for stuff that bores me or cheeses me out.  My ability to smile and accept the world around me is vacating like the box of Ding Dongs I bought at the store that mysteriously vanished from my grocery sack.  
That was going to be my snack.  
The endless deadlines and functions that had my head spinning last week have me snarling today.  This probably isn’t a good thing since I’m a volunteer at youth camp tomorrow and may be up much of the night with teenage girls in the dorms.   Teenage girls say stuff like, “You rock!”  Nah, that’s just people my age trying to sound young.
Deep breath, oh wait , I forgot my sinuses are plugged.   I hate mouth breathing.  
Anyway, deep breath and I’ll change the subject.  These pics are horrible and make me smile.  I may have to make it everyone in my family’s screen savers after they go to bed.   The color was even better because the oregano was super green and my makeup-less face was completely sunburned red from soccer.  It could be our next Christmas Card.  But that was too horrible to inflict on the world-today, anyway.  This is one my grandmother will say does nothing for me.  Wait til Christmas…
Okay, now I’m smiling. 

Actually , I think I look more like Gilly.  Oh, well.  “Sorry :)”

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  1. Must be something in the air. I'm uber grouchy lately too. I really do think I'm just ready for summer. Down to with getting off to school(s)…up with lazy mornings before heading to the pool!!

  2. Is it wrong that I laughed at your list of annoyances? Not at you, the humor, girl! You are a funny lady.

    What is it with the neighbor kids screaming outside my window and playing shootout in my driveway? They have their own driveway! Chased them off just last night. Again. Must be universal.

    Don't even get me started on FB. Grrrr…always the same handful of people posting the same boring minutiae. There's the chronic complainer, the one who "Checks in" every hour, the bragger, the farmers, etc. Much prefer Twitter. Concise and to the point.

    Clever and cute photos. Love your orega-fro. That made me smile. Hope your Friday and weekend is enjoyable.

  3. Okay! So, it's not just me. You know, I think I was worse as a kid. I was like a crotchety old grandma stalking down the halls of my highschool. Guess it's just a phase- reaction to a too busy week.

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