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Knitalong Updates

I set my Bombshell Shorts for the Pour Moi KAL aside to finish Lady Bat as a gift in the Spring Tops, Tanks, and Tees KAL; however, I’ve run out of Shine Sport yarn and so am setting this top aside now.

I don’t know what was up with me knitting this top, I made more mistakes that I had to fix than I have in years.  My husband said he hasn’t seen me like “this” in a while.  “This” means talking to my knitting as I try to unknit three rows worth of just a small section but get lost in the lace and can’t find my way out.  Nice. It really is a simple lace repeat, I guess the increases and decreases threw me.  Or maybe it’s an impending graduation and all the events and life changes that go along with it.  But I have learned to check the stitches at each side of my markers to make sure they’re correct after finishing every row.  Every row.  Otherwise, I forget a YO or a decrease or something and get to the end of the next row before discovering it.

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Another tip about keeping the chevron pattern even is that on all the rows with yos and knit2togtbl , I threw my yarn very loosely and knit together with a lot of slack.  It felt counterintuitive, but it really evened the chevron look out.  It may also be the reason I need an extra ball of yarn.

Back to the shorts.  Since I just picked them back up and have unknitted the wastband to decrease and reknit it at a tighter gauge, there’s little progress to show except this sad little worn pattern note that has followed me around the house for a couple of weeks.  It gets squashed in the couch cushions and blows across a room like an old tumbleweed across an arid landscape.  You can see by the wear on this paper that these shorts had some intense cabling.  It was so worth it, but I can’t say that I’m sad to throw this little pattern shred away.

Goodbye pattern shred.

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