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Kind of Perfect Day

For my Mother’s Day gift, I got to do some things I love.   There was chocolate, flowers, a small tool kit, and the rest of the Mars Trilogy.  Then, we headed to one of my favorite places to go on a Sunday, after Church (minus my daughter, who was working)…

…where someone experienced the beach for the first time and didn’t really love it.

I also relaxed and read The Great Gatsby for the first time while working on the startlingly vivid tanline on my legs,

had a long run with my most willing running partner,

witnessed crazy kite skillz,

and, you know what’s coming, I knitted on a small beachy project- the Twin Cities Headband, which happens to be 50% off thru Saturday with a special coupon code, along with all of the designer’s other patterns.  I also snagged the Traverse City Tube Top.

I used some Rowan denim from my stash and I think I’ll really like how this turns out in denim.

Then, as if all of that weren’t enough, everyone watched Star Wars with me because I couldn’t see it on May the fourth.

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  1. sounds like a perfect mother's day! So wonderful that you get to enjoy the beach…oh, how I miss the beach, and warmth for that matter!

  2. It was perfect, Monica! I love the beach and summer, but toward the end, when humidity is crazy here, I long for colder climates.

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