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I Watch Way Too Much TV

Though I may have knit some stylish things, that is due to my practical ability to follow directions from very stylish designers, not necessarily my trendiness.  I am a practical girl.   I have trouble even saying the word “stylish” in speaking about myself without being cheesed out.  I also have trouble with “so romantic” and “living your dreams” type statements – see, practical.   Having said that, there are some TV-themed style blogs I sometimes view as a guilty pleasure because I knit to tv… a lot.  I don’t even know how I stumble upon these sites but they are definite time killers.

 Of course, there’s the obvious influence of shows like Downton Abbey and Mad Men, with Edwardian-inspired dresses on Etsy and knitters pinning Peter Pan collars and cropped sweaters like crazy on Pinterest.  You don’t have to seek them out, they are everywhere.  Jordana Paige even has a Mad Men Style segment on her blog and pinterest.  She actually links each outfit to a knitting pattern that would achieve that look.

But what about more narrowly focused influences?   I love it when Design Sponge’s Living In… , which often features movies you would expect as style influences like Annie Hall, has something like Living In… Moonstruck complete with wife beater and wooden hand!  Classic.

Another one with more obscure tv and book icons is Character Inspired Fashion.  It’s all over the place covering anything from Lord of the Rings characters, to Han Solo, or the cast of Community.
Also unexpected is Cheers to Carla in which Chloe Roth finds timely equivalents to the cast’s outfits. How can you not like this concept, especially after reading about Diane’s “Define The Relationship” sweaters?

Can I talk about blogging tv sweaters and not mention Sweaters of Felicity again?  The fact that this blog even exists makes me smile.  Besides, I have actually watched the show and paused it on a particular sweater that I wanted to make.  That’s a little hard to admit.

From a geekier perspective there’s Nerdy Fashion Blog and Companion Clothes.  Speaking of Dr. Who, BBCAmerica’s How to Dress Like… series has quite a bit of “Steal This Doctor’s Look” kind of thing.  There’s also Cosplay, on which I wasted a half hour today.  There is nothing better than someone in full River Tam costume, crouching battle-ready, ax and sword poised overhead, with their dented garage door as a backdrop.  Nothing.

As you can see, a lot of these are sci-fi influenced because I lean more toward that end of the television spectrum than, say, the Gossip Girl end.  The point of looking at these is for the fun.   But if you’re seriously stalking tv outfits (outfits is another word I have trouble saying.)  Wear What You WatchfilmfashionjunkieWorn on TV, and Possessionista link up to all sorts of hit tv fluff.  I am amazed at the time and detail that must go into tracking these objects down.  I am also amazed that I wasted another half hour looking at them.

Obviously, none of these images are mine and if you haven’t guessed, I’m on vacation right now and am probably under the fashion influence of something more like this Lost episode.

If you’re still reading, you are a real trooper!  So, what are you watching (or listening to) these days?

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  1. I have watched Zack and Miri Make a Porno at least a dozen times just to check out her funky knits! As my "to-read" list got bigger and I felt like I had seen every movie made, I switched from tv to audio books while I knit. I can clean, spin, craft, knit, and catch up on that list of books.

  2. I really need to give in to audio books. I have this idea in my head that the narrator will change my natural perception of the characters with his/ her reading style. But, yeah, the stack of books by my bed isn't shrinking. I can always save the really "special" books for reading while I work on something stockinette.

  3. Thanks. I love Call the Midwife. I joke with my kids that as soon as the theme song begins I feel tears in my eyes. I've never even heard of the other two, but I see Switched at Birth is on Netflix so… I might have quite a few more hours of knitting entertainment.

  4. I also watch way too much tv and find myself forgetting about the storyline and wondering how easy it would be to make my own pattern for that knit. I have the worst tv tastes, though. I love Ice Road Truckers, all the Real Housewives, and Ghost Hunters, to name very, very few. My saving grace (and most fashionable watch) is New Girl. There's also a blog devoted to what Zooey Deschanel wears in each episode: http://www.wwzdw.com (What Would Zooey Deschanel Wear?). 🙂

  5. You have me laughing out loud, Vanessa. Ice Road Truckers and Zooey Deschanel- you do have varied tastes. Have you watched any of Fiber Factor? I found that was fun though not like a super long series. I also just listen to old Webs podcasts one after another when I get overdosed on tv.

  6. I finished watching Gilmore girls 2 weeks ago. We are now watching Caste and doctor Who. We also recently finished Firefly (and Serenity), but I'm dying to watch it again. What a glorious show! I can also recommend Broadchurch, where you can see David Tennant as a sharp detective.

  7. I've tried audio books and I'm still not very convinced. That means that since I started to knit I'm reading less and less and that bothers me. I'm not able to read and knit at the same time tough. What works best for me is watching a TV show or a movie. I can get tons of knitting like that.

  8. Firefly is my favorite. I haven't really tried Castle yet, I dont want Nathan Fillion to be anyone but Mal.. ha. I have seen him in Dr. Horrible- also by Joss Whedon and on Netflix and its great.
    Gilmore Girls probably makes good knitting tv because it's very talky and not so action packed. I'll definitely check out Broadchurch. Thanks for the recommendations.

  9. I've learned to read and knit with stockinette and garter – that kind of thing. My problem is all of my summer knitting has been cables and lace. So my books are on hold until the Summer Sweater KAL, which starts today but I won't start until I get home from vacation.

  10. I do indeed! 😀 I have been meaning to watch Fiber Factor! TV has disappointed me this summer, so I'll have to check it out soon!

  11. Great post! I'm also a TV addict and I noticed great crocheted blankets on the sofa of Breaking Bad, great knitted blankets in The Big C and beautiful icelandic sweaters in The Killing : 3 greats shows and dream projects! 🙂

  12. All shows I've never seen. They must not be free instantly yet 🙂 I'm going to queue up the killing and give it a try. It's funny- I saw a recent Simpsons episode where they made a big deal about Iceland and mocked the current trendiness of the country and its sweaters. So now I can say I've even spotted knits on a cartoon.

  13. I believe I saw one of the characters in the series "Orphan Black" which was fabulous…edgy, gripping and tensely strange…I miss "Sanctuary" but I am slowly being won over by "Under the Dome"…currently I am crocheting bowls while watching tv…

  14. Oh I am amassing a tshirt yarn collection to make crochet baskets! I'm trying for an ombré effect so I need to hit up Goodwill again for certain colors. I do love Orphan Black! That, Call the Midwife, Sherlock, and Person of Interest are my current favorites.

  15. Pleased to discover your blog ^^
    The sweaters of Sarah Linden (us version of The Killing)…. !! In ep. 6 of s3, she wore a beautiful dark blue Lopi, very fine (a Bohus ???)… In the Danish version, sweaters are bulkier but with more fit, we can find a ravelry pattern book with 5 patterns made by a fan. I became obsessed because stranded colorwork is my aim for 2013…
    Another style, completely different, I really liked the dresses of Robin Wright Penn in House of Cards, very uncluttered, with sharp lines, no colors ! Pure minimalism, very interesting ! This kind of garments must be a pleasure to sew because you have to look for the perfect fiber and the perfect fit, sewing essentials 😉

  16. More great ideas! I've queued up The Killing, Sandra. I have some Lopi for either Aftur or Strokkur- can't decide which, but this may push me to get it done.

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