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Hope Deferred

 I love everything about backyards: hammocks, kids, dogs, cats, neighbors, grills, grass underfoot, moon and stars at dusk, charcoal, flowers, bubbles, water, rock collections, sand, picnics, lemonade, hide and seek, flip-flops, tanning, straw hats, and reading on Sundays.  These are wholesome, simple pleasures and I live a pretty simple life.  

         But somehow in our different moves or in an effort to be wise on one income so that I can stay at home, we’ve neglected a long desired dream of mine:  A moss-covered patio with hammocks and an arbor shading it overhead.  This was okay with me for a long time.  I don’t have to have everything.  And a lot of things just don’t matter that much to us.  But, it’s time.   So now, 8 years and three moves later, it is starting to take shape.  My plan was to go with inexpensive and re-purposed.  

        I have collected a lot of flat, broken concrete pieces from new building sites around town to form our path and patio.  Set a bit apart, like flagstones, for moss to grow between.  The arbor will be made of cypress logs from a nearby sawmill as support posts and painted pine for the arbor itself.  The bougainvilla have been waiting patiently with me all these 8 years for a permanent home in the ground and something to meander up.   When we get back from my next yoga certification trip, we’ll get busy.  

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