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Lambton Extra Chunky Cowl

My last Big Cozy KAL project is the Lambton Extra Chunky Cowl, by Tara-Lynn Morrison.  I want to make more of these.  Lots more.  I would happily watch all of the meh action movies my husband wants to see if I had an infinite supply of super bulky for this cowl.  New James Bond?  Of course.  Old Mission Impossibles?  Why not.  Fast and Furious # whatever?  Suuure.  Because this is a soothing treat on size 35 needles.

I pulled out my old Denise needle set for this.  I used the heck out of those for years, but I’ve found the cords untwist too easily on me now.  I’d like to try this set maybe as a Christmas gift, hint hint.
I have mentioned that I had a very limited supply of super bulky yarn when I set out to knit all of these chunky accessories and sweaters.  So I had to do something I wouldn’t normally do: buy acrylic, and from Wal-Mart, no less.  I was there to get some school supplies for my son when I saw Lion Brand Hometown yarn on sale for less than $2 a skein.  It’s not that I’m too good for acrylic.  It’s not even that I pretend I don’t shop at Wal-Mart.  It’s just that I wouldn’t normally choose that yarn from that store, but I had test knitting I needed to hurry with, so I came home with 8 skeins.  I ended up only needing it for two of my projects, which wasn’t too bad.

For my Lambton, I paired a strand of Plymouth Outback Wool with the Hometown.  Outback is a discontinued non-superwash worsted yarn.  It was variegated shades of blue, so it gave the scarf some interest and a bit of heft.  I don’t think it looks bad at all.  My daughter ended up taking it home with her after she and her husband came by for a visit.  That’s how I know it turned out nice.  She’s a bit of a clothes horse.  I mean that in a most loving, motherly way.

So, I would completely recommend this for gift knitting.  You could use anything from a higher end super bulky, like Rowan Big Wool Silk , to the bargain basement with Lion Brand or Knit Picks Brava.  It’s warm enough where I live to get away with wool blends.  We mostly wear scarves as decoration.  Unless you’re a soccer mom at winter tournaments.  In that case, you dress like Randy.

The Big Cozy KAL is ending in a couple of days, I think.  I’ve gotten plenty of yarn and pattern ideas.  Though I wish I’d finished my Campside Shawl during this KAL, I am very pleased to have knit a lot of stuff I’ve been wanting to knit in just two months.  Besides, there’s always this weekend.

(ravelry, kollabora, flickr, and instagram)

Can you tell I took photos for my last 3 or 4 knits on the same day.  Gotta love that metal shed as a backdrop.  Ooh but look at the pretty necklace.  It’s from my favorite jewelry designer, Stephanie at Native Clutter.  Just thought I’d mention it since I’ve asked you to stare at it for three or four days in a row.

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